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Baffin Babes: Crevassed glaciers and night shifts

The girls changed their route plan to ski across glaciers in the mountains. This was a longer route than previously planned and was challenging. They had to climb at least 1000 m, the snow was difficult and the downhill was full of crevasses. They reported that temperatures went from warm to hot at times, when it didn’t snow.

Route over Jimi Massi Glaciers

The girls decided to change their route plan and took a route across Jimi Massi Glaciers. It is a longer route than what they had planned and said they had to ski at least 20 km per day to make up the time.

Vera described it is a remote, beautiful and high elevation area on their way north. “This route will take longer time and we have to climb at least 1000 meter. To make it in time, we realised we for the next days have to stay focused, be prepared to work hard in the screw ice that lies in front of us and most important, work as a team.”

The snow along the route was not easy. Vera reported, “In the screw ice you need pure power and patience. The sledge is falling over, and over again and again, the small ice walls are vertical and the cracks are nasty to get stuck in. Like unbeatable babes we pull and push.”

Night skiing

Because of the heat they decide to ski at night. Getting up for their first night shift didn’t look promising as there was a white-out and snowing; “wet snow”, said Ingeborg. But they decided that wasn’t enough reason to stay in their sleeping bags.

When the sun eventually broke through Ingeborg described the surroundings as magnificent, “Steep mountains with sharp ridges and round, white ones in the background.”

Downhill crevasses

They were looking forward to skiing downhill, but encountered crevasses. When Ingeborg and Ano, one of the dogs, went though a crevasse they decided to rope up. Ingeborg said that the sleds often went faster than they skied and crushed into their legs if they didn’t pay attention.

Two Swedish sisters, Vera Simonsson and Emma Simonsson, and two friends from Norway, Kristin Folsland Olsen and Ingebjørg Tollefsen attempt a sledge-hauling ski expedition on Baffin Island. They started early March 2009 and want to cover approximately 1400 km in 80 days. Their route starts from Qikiqtarjuaq via Clyde River, a resupply point, and from there to Pond Inlet. Two dogs from Baffin Island, Buck and Anu, will accompany them.

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