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Summit glide mellowing but not over

The big Everest action seems to worry only veteran Himalaya climbers and environmentalists. All else want in: “When is the next Everest climb?” readers ask in emails. “Let me know ASAP so I can start to train!” Can’t stop the future.

Summit fever is calming but not over yet. Teams topped-out today, and more are expected to set off from the South Col tonight. At least one World Wide Viking made it from Tibet yesterday, and exhausted climbers are helped down on both sides of the peak.

Today’s South side summits

Two more members in NATAS Singapore Women’s Everest Team followed their mates who topped out on Wednesday. Joanne Soo (39) and Lee Peh Gee (32) reached the top of the world at 5.31am and 5.56am respectively – Nepal time today.

“Wednesday summiteers Jane Lee and Lee Lihui had arrived back at Everest Base Camp yesterday afternoon while Esther Tan is scheduled to be back later today,” the home team reported.

Climbing with IMG, the outfitter’s summit list was expanded with the following names today:
1. Ms. Petya Stanimirova Kolcheva (Bulgaria)
2. Mr. Jonathan Michael Shae (USA)
3. Mr. Justin Reese Merle (USA)
4. Mr. Kamen Marinov Kolchev (Bulgaria)
5. Mr. Danuru Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Ward #9 Phortse, Solukhumbu—this is his 7th Everest summit
6. Mr. Nima Karma Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Ward #9 Phortse, Solukhumbu—this is his 3rd Everest summit
7. Mr. Phinjo Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Ward #9 Phortse, Solukhumbu—this is his 5th Everest summit
8. Mr. Pasang Rinji Sherpa of of Khumjung VDC Ward #9 Phortse, Solukhumbu—this is his 3rd Everest summit
“Artur, Ramon and Marco have summited Everest, the last stage on their 7 Summit project,” Kari kobler’s website posted today. Further details are expected on the climbers’ complete names and summit dates.

The summit wave is not yet over: Going for the top tonight are, at least, Laserer Alpin’s and Alpine Ascents’ teams.

Summit reports from previous days

“On May 19 at 7.00 AM Nepal time, Phil Crampton reached the summit of Mount Everest,” Altitude Junkies reported.

“On May 20 at 8.00 AM Nepal time, Scott Woolums, Brian Strange and Johnny Strange reached the summit of Mount Everest supported by Jangbu Sherpa, Da’ongchhu Sherpa, Pasang Sherpa, Namgayl Sherpa, Temba Sherpa. On May 21 at 7.00 AM Nepal time, Pam Westgate reached the summit of Mount Everest supported by Chewang Palden Sherpa.”

“Billi summited yesterday with the ‘strong’ group of climbers,” her website crew reported. HiMex leader Russell Brice apparently divided the huge team into several groups, depending on their strength and summit possibilities. Bierling was the last of this group, topping-out at 9.45 am, local time. Team mates Valerio Massimo, Moises, John Black, and Chris Jones reached the top at 7.15am.

Italian 14x8000ers summiter Sergio Martini finally managed to summit Everest from its South side – a feat he has attempted three times since 1980. Sergio, turning 60 this year, had previously topped-out Everest from Tibet, according to Montagna.org.

The news was reported by Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli, currently at the South Col to repair his weather station there.

“Thursday at 04:50, two more members of the Croatian female expedition, Ena Vrbek (23) and Milena Sijan (40), the youngest and the oldest member in the team, reached the Summit in only 8,5 hours from C4,” the expedition’s home team reported.

“Together with them there were 2 Sherpas, Pasang and Lakhpa Nuru – who climbed the Summit twice in 43 hours (first with Darija and Iris and after that he waited second group on South Cole).”

Atunas Taiwan Everest team members summited last Tuesday. Contact tech users, their summit pics were in Taiwan’s media hours after. The climbers hoped to be back in BC yesterday.

“11 Indian climbers from two different teams climbed the world’s highest peak,” The Hindu posted yesterday. “The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi put 10 climbers, including a 24-year-old woman, on Thursday morning. Within an hour of the feat, a 19-year-old from Maharashtra, Krushnaa Patil, also reached the top as part of the Eco Everest Expedition 2009.”

Mercedes Sahores became the first Argentine woman to summit Everest earlier this week, according to local media.

Dave Hahn: Rescue on the South side

“Through the morning – our Sherpa team collected at ABC, and I was able to strategize with Tendi and Lambabu,” Dave Hahn reported. “I also got to hear their stories of the big summit day on the 19th and was quite impressed with the massive amount of work our Sherpa team had contributed. Tendi himself had spent 5 days at or above the South Col and on summit day he’d initiated a rescue for an exhausted climber from another team. He ran out of oxygen himself in the long and arduous process of getting the man safely back to the Col.”

“The rescue ended up involving a number of teams – ultimately Jake Norton and John Griber from our own team geared back up and finished their own marathon day by climbing back up to aid in the rescue effort,” Hahn added.

Dave’s 17 years old client Erica Dohring eventually abandoned the attempt. Utah’s Johnny Collinson, guided by Damian Benegas, reportedly topped-out earlier this week. With him and the Strange’s; two of the tree American 17 year olds topped out.

Everest North side: Viking summit and SummitClimb rescue

World Wide Vikings’ member Stein summited Everest from its North side yesterday. Petter Nyquist and Lars Oma Erichsrud were on their way as well. Jarle Traa was also attempting the summit yesterday.

“This morning we had a rescue party climbing towards Aref (Iranian climber Aref Geranmayeh) and Nima because they refused to come down from C3, after a very slow descent from the summit,” SummitClimbs Arnold Coster reported. “Luckily yesterday evening Elizabeth and Gordon, who were on their summit push, managed to move them down to camp 2. The only thing is that Elizabeth and Gordon were going to summit with 2 sherpas and they had to give up one sherpa to help Nima and Aref.”

“Last night Nima and Aref spent the night in camp 2 together with our sherpas Pasang and Pemba,” Arnold added. “This morning we had radio contact and they both seemed fine, but totally exhausted. We sent Lapshang, Lakpa and Jimpa directly up from ABC to assist them down to camp 1. I expect them at any moment here in camp 1.”

“Unfortunately Elizabeth and Gordon climbed a little bit above camp 3 last night, but of course after being involved in a rescue, they didn’t feel very comfortable and the weather was also not the best today – They decided to turn around and abandoned their summit attempt,” Coster said.

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