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Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

Build your Linkedin.com Database:

From the moment you create a profile you should be adding your contacts to Linkedin.com. Start out by importing your list of emails from outlook, gmail or the email client you are using. Linkedin.com will tell you which of those contacts are using Linkedin.com at the time. You can then invite those people to be connected. Another method for building your connection database is by adding contacts you meet while networking. As I am out building relationships and connecting with other businesses I am collecting hundreds of business cards. After those events it is important to add those people to your linkedin. This helps them remember you when they see your request and it also provides accessibility to them for future correspondence.

Passive Contact with Connections:

The second important element for using Linkedin to generate leads is passive activity with your connections. This includes joining groups, asking and answering questions, and making recommendations. These passive activities will show up on status reports, emails and daily digests which gets your brand in front of your connections and, in many cases, their connections. Keeping your company name in front of prospects is very important for your sales pipeline. The Q and A also allows you to provide information for other businesses which is much more important to people than you attempting to sell yourself.

Direct Contact with Connections:

When it comes to direct contact with your connections and social media networking for business, keep the following in mind, always give before you take. No one wants to be solicited to especially online. They want to have a conversation with you and by giving them something, it starts the conversation. You could give them a good resource, a lead, a contact or anything you feel may be valuable to their business’ growth. When you are networking online it is important to make 5 or 6 contact interactions before you even mention services or price.

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