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The ABC’s of Goal Setting for Mentors

In helping people set effective goals we need to be to answer yes to the following questions:


• Is the goal S.M.A.R.T?
• Does the goal inspire them?
• Have you connected or aligned it with their values?


S.M.A.R.T Goals

The S.M.A.R.T acronym for goal setting has been used for decades and it’s still one of the best formulas I have seen. S.M.A.R.T goals are as follows:


Specific – the goal is focused

Measurable – there are benchmarks and metrics in place to measure progress and confirm success

Achievable – based upon the individual’s assets, skills, attitudes and behviours the goal is achievable

Realistic – Considering all of the factors influencing the goal is it plausible it will be achieved or are we setting this person up for failure?

Timely – set a specific time for completion (there are no unrealistic goals only unrealistictimelines)


“Have a goal so big that it scares your neighbors”

When helping people set goals try not to make them too safe. We don’t want goals that far outpace someones self-concept but we also want goals that make them stretch and keep them up at night (or more importantly out of bed early and excited).

The word inspiring actually comes from the Latin word Inspiro which means to breath upon. to breath into… to put the spirit within. As mentors if we are to inspire others and pit the spirit within them we must first be inspired ourselves. Be passionate and excited when helping people set goals.

Values Alignment

When developing goals it is important to put them through the “values test” to make sure that the goals were are helping them set will help them feel on purpose while striving toward them.

One approach to doing this is to simply list all of the core activities, people, and daily disciplines associated with the goal and then compare them with the mentee’s values. If 70% or more of the activities and disciplines fulfill their core values then chances are the goal will be an energizing, pleasurable thing for them to work toward. If it is less than 70% it is suggested you help them build a new path to the goal or find a new goal that satiate their core values and drivers.

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