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Free AK-47 Rifle With Each Tractor

PRIZES for the most remarkable promotional offer of recent times go to a US tractor dealer who is offering a free AK-47 assault rifle with every tractor purchase.

Henry Jordan, a partner in Carolina Tractor and Marine, in South Carolina, said the offer was a ‘win-win’ to boost vehicle sales and give farmers ‘vital protection’.

“We thought: ‘You know what? Every man ought to have a fishing boat, a pick-up truck and a tractor, and they certainly need a good gun to protect themselves and their family’.

“We believe in the 2nd Amendment. We believe, in fact, it’s a man’s responsibility to protect his family,” said Mr Jordan.

Ban Expiry

The County Sheriff said he had ‘no problem’ with the promotion. The AK-47, which retails at about $450 (pounds 270), became legal for private citizens to own after a federal assault weapons ban expired in 2004.

Mr Jordan’s promotion follows hot on the heels of Mark Muller, who runs a similar scheme at his dealership Max Motors, in Missouri.

Mr Muller shut down his offer of a free assault weapon with every purchase prematurely after an overwhelming response.

He said his ‘God, Guns, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks’ sales pitch resulted in 200 vehicle sales (100 more than normal).

The promotional offers have sparked national debate in the US. But Mr Muller remains undeterred, and concluded ‘we love weapons’.

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