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Is Nokia losing focus by now expanding into the PC market with the Booklet 3G?

Nokia World 2009 is being held in Germany next week and to whet your appetite Nokia just announced the upcoming Nokia Booklet 3G, a Windows netbook competitor. We have seen rumors about Nokia coming out with some kind of notebook device with speculation that it could be running Android or even Maemo. The Nokia Booklet 3G is a Windows netbook powered by an Intel Atom processor.

Other known specifications include:

  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Integrated 3G/HSPA and WiFi connectivity
  • HDMI video out port
  • Front facing webcam
  • Bluetooth radio
  • SD card reader
  • 10-inch display
  • Integrated A-GPS receiver
  • Ovi integration

More specifications, availability, and pricing will be announced next week so we will keep an eye out on this news.

This mini-notebook appears to have specs similar to most other leading netbooks and I will be very curious to see where pricing comes in and if it is too high I can’t imagine it doing very well, even if it is built with outstanding Nokia quality. I would rather see Nokia devote resources to making capacitive touch screen smartphones with a user interface to compete with the iPhone, Android, and WebOS devices since the netbook market is already flooded with competitors at very low prices. Nokia’s worldwide smartphone market share has been falling every quarter for quite some time and it would be nice to see them focus on their core market. What do you think about this device?

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