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Is Social Media Marketing better than Search Engine Marketing?

Online marketing has become an important part of almost every business strategy. Social media marketing and search engine marketing are two main aspects of any successful online marketing campaign. One way or the other, both forms of marketing complement each other. Here is a brief overview of the two vast fields of marketing on the internet.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the process of internet marketing through which websites can improve their exposure and traffic in search engine result listings. Search engines are the most efficient way of promoting products or information, and they also help elevate site visitor numbers. Search engines contribute to driving customers to view a particular websites because:

•They provide concise information about the websites related to a particular question or search topic so viewers are attracted to them.
•Advertisers can place pay per click ads on search engine sites to gain well-placed ads that potential customers will hopefully see.
•Marketers can apply search engine optimization to their websites by developing web content. By doing this they can achieve a good ranking and gain more visibility in the search engine pages.
Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the process of communicating with potential customers by using social media on the internet. SMM is being used as a tool for sharing and discussing information with users all over the globe. Social media marketing involves spreading your message virally using virtually any form of social media including blogs, forums, videos, pictures and audio.

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