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Why you should embrace Telepresence

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Telepresence has sparked a renaissance in videoconferencing by creating a life-like meeting experience for participants. By offering a complete Telepresence solution worldwide, Orange Business Services can help you take advantage of this new way of collaborating visually. Orange has already implemented 100 Telepresence systems worldwide and uses it extensively internally. In this article, we suggest six reasons why you should choose Telepresence for your company

1. avoid expensive and non-productive business travel
Travel avoidance is the number one reason why companies are choosing Telepresence. Executives get better work-life balance and are more productive, travel bans and epidemics are circumvented, and best of all you can save money. Orange has developed a return on investment (ROI) tool that can help you calculate how much money you can save with Telepresence. For example, a company with just three Telepresence rooms in Europe, the US and Asia can get payback within 12 months on the total investment over three years (both capex and opex) by just replacing 35 employee business trips a month.

2. make decisions more quickly
As networks improve and become ubiquitous, real-time business is becoming a reality. Although instant messaging, telephony and standard forms of conferencing are essential tools, some decisions can only be made face-to-face. This is where Telepresence can help: by providing an in-person meeting environment, important meetings can be convened and held without delay. With life-sized images, eye contact, and directional sound, Telepresence really creates the illusion of a single meeting room in which all participants are physically present, allowing people to negotiate freely with all of the visual clues that they need. Plus, you can maximize expertise by making the right resource available at the right time to improve decision making.

3. collaborate with business partners, customers, suppliers and distributors
The first generation of Telepresence services helped companies collaborate internally. Now, Orange offers Telepresence Community, which allows companies to collaborate with their business partners, suppliers, distributors and, most importantly, customers. This dramatically improves time-to-market, shortens sales cycles and makes doing business easier. Manufacturers can collaborate with their supply chain to develop new products, or with retailers and channel partners to develop special offers; and companies can work together on new service innovation or go-to-market strategies. The possibilities are endless.

4. going green
Avoiding air travel not only reduces your company’s expenses, but also plays a significant role in cutting carbon emissions. A number of companies are adopting policies to either reduce or achieve carbon-neutrality. Others must comply with new laws being passed to regulate carbon emissions and avoid a tax liability. Telepresence makes the organization greener by using technology that is friendlier to the environment and your budgets.

5. remote consultation, appraisal, recruitment and training
Although much of the talk about Telepresence is centered on business meetings, it is effective for a wide variety of applications. For example, it is a cost-effective alternative to onsite training, especially for large groups. You can easily incorporate students from different offices and countries on a single training course. Customers can use it for employee appraisals, reviews or even interviewing a prospective candidate for a job without flying that individual to your location.

6. new variety of Telepresence systems accommodates a wide range of rooms
Although Telepresence started with board room installations for six to eight people, the range of systems is growing. Orange now offers larger 18-seat rooms for training or large meetings, along with a single-screen executive solution. The latter in particular extends the range of Telepresence by allowing smaller offices or even home-based senior executives to join a conference easily. Now systems are available to accommodate two to six people without requiring the room be dedicated to Telepresence. These new systems work in multipurpose rooms, but deliver the same outstanding Telepresence experience at a more affordable price.

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