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Himalaya wrap-up: Storm pounding Himalayan 8000ers, Karakoram 2010 sneak preview

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Most climbers are in base camps dodging severe weather battering all Himalayan 8000ers today.

As for next year, Silvio Mondinelli and Daniele Bernasconi are eyeing the unclimbed north face of Gasherbrum I.


“Snow is falling heavily in BC Annapurna BC – some big tents have been flattened,” Kim Jae-Soo’s sponsor told ExWeb correspondent Kyu Dam Lee. “Mr. Kim postponed his trek out, since it is nearly impossible to leave BC. The entire mountain is wrapped in dark clouds.”

“Oh Eun-Sun, Kim Chang-Ho, Kim Sung-Ho and Kim Hong-Bin are delaying all plans until the stormy spell passes by. However, they will have to decide soon wether to wait for better conditions or to call the expedition off.”

Miss Oh’s sponsor Black Yak reported that forecasts show bad weather until October 9th. On the highly avalanche prone Annapurna, that could mean dangerous conditions for another some time. “Oh Eun-Sun and other Korean climbers will then check conditions on the route, since it may take some days for fresh snow to settle down,” Kyu said.

Shisha Pangma

“It’s snowing in BC,” Roby Piantoni wrote yesterday. “Forecasts announce more of the same tomorrow.”

“Luckily, Shisha’s south face is so steep, that the snow will sweep off the face quickly,” he added. “Conditions may be good after just one day of good weather.”

Meanwhile, news is expected from climbers on Shisha’s north side – it is yet unclear whether Nick Rice, Mario Panzeri, Kinga Baranowska and Horia Colibasanu launched a summit push.

Cho Oyu

“This feels more like the interior of Antarctica and not the Himalaya – It is COLD and blowing horizontal snow strongly,” Adventure consultant’s Mark reported from Cho Oyu’s ABC. “The slopes of Cho Oyu are for the ice spirits of the mountain kingdom and not for us mere humans. Snow is piling up on the lee side of our tents and it can be seen flying horizontal past our open dining tent door. Our dining tent has also been turned into a kind of Chinese Laundry as nothing will dry outside. It just freezes in one position.”

“The snow is predicted to continue to fall tomorrow,” Mark added. “Let’s hope the weather sticks to the forecast and we get our opportunity at Cho Oyu’s windswept summit.”


“The blizzard almost destroyed Cala and Ivo’s dining tent,” the Italians’ home team reported today. “As loads of snow fall, concerns grow for the tents in higher camps – they may be flattened and/or buried.”

Summer 2010 preview: GI’s north face

Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli and Daniele Bernasconi have set sights on the unclimbed north face of Gasherbrum I, which they hope to climb in alpine style next summer, Montagna.org reports. The expedition, organized by Agostino de Polenza, pays tribute to the late Karl Unterkircher: Bernasconi and Unterkircher opened a new route on GII’s north side three years ago.

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