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Cops Nab Test-Drive Bandit ; Customer Allegedly Kept Driving With Car Salesman

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was a test drive all right. This driver tested John Law’s patience – and pushed it to the limit.

A West Springfield man out for a spin in a brand new 2010 Honda Accord liked the black sedan so much, he just kept going.

Cops say Aleh Kot, 32, briefly kidnapped the car salesman Thursday afternoon before taking off on a high-speed jaunt cross- country that ended when a Wisconsin trooper pulled him over for reckless driving yesterday morning.

Kot, 32, was “speeding at 125 miles and wasn’t planning to stop,” said Larry Bass, general manager of Balise Honda. “Instead of going the usual test drive route, the guy jumped on the Mass Pike. My salesman was calm and reacted in a professional manner. He kept himself out of harm’s way and handled a stressful situation in a perfect manner.”

West Springfield cops said the salesman safely exited the car as Kot cruised past a Pike tollbooth in West Stockbridge.

“The victim got away at the last tollbooth. He asked the toll taker for help,” said Detective Thomas Guindon. Of Kot, he said, “We’re not sure if the suspect’s intent was to steal the car from the beginning or if this was something he just thought about while driving.”

Wisconsin police stopped Kot for speeding and reckless driving. But instead of being slapped with a ticket, he was held on a Massachusetts fugitive warrant.

“He was observed on the interstate in Rock County, speeding and driving recklessly,” said Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Michael Vasquez. “We ran the licese plate of the vehicle and it came back stolen. There wasn’t a lot of conversation, he was just heading north. We’re not quite sure what his destination was.”

Kot is being held in Wisconsion on $10,000 bail, pending an extradition hearing to determine whether he’ll be sent home to face kidnapping, assault and car theft charges.

“It’s an unfortunate situation, but we’re happy nothing more happened,” Bass said. “I’m surprised he wasn’t stopped before Wisconsin, driving as fast as he did. We just chalk it up to a guy having a bad day.”

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