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Dell launches fastest gaming notebook

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the absence of any aliens arriving to contest it, Dell is bringing what it calls the fastest gaming notebook computer in the universe to Dubai.

Whether or not you believe the hype, the announcement that Dell is launching the M17x means the company is bringing its Alienware brand of high-end gaming computers to the Middle East.

The brand is being launched at the Gitex Shopper and will later be available through local retailers. The launch extends the brand from five to 32 countries

According to Dell vice president of consumer sales and marketing, Michael Tatelman, a number of factors make the UAE an attractive market for Dell’s gaming machines. “This is an eclectic market,” he said.

“You have a substantial luxury goods market, you have a broadbased mainstream computer market, but you also have a big gaming community. So it’s natural to have it here,” he said.

The starting price of the M17x is Dh6,600 and can easily reach Dh18,000.

Launched in 1996, Alienware was for years a premier producer of desktop and notebook computers that carried the latest technology geared towards the high-end gaming market. Dell bought the firm in 2006.

Alienware, also known for its futuristic look, was also the subject of a number of rumours, which suggested that the company’s niche computers might be watered down as Dell looked to market them to a mass audience.

However, Tatelman said Dell has decided to leave the company’s management alone.

“We’re not going to dumb the machine down in any way, shape or form to hit a retail price point,” he said.

Dell also announced the launch of several notebooks. While Dell recently saidt it would launch smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system in the US, Tatelman said no announcement had been made about a similar phone for the UAE.

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  1. November 27, 2009 at 5:47 AM

    i love Dell performance for gamming

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