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Small Business VoIP Considerations

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
VoIP technology, which makes it possible to place and receive call over an Internet connection, has increased in popularity for businesses of all sizes as a better more efficient and cost effective communications system.
For small businesses in particular, VoIP phone systems make it possible to attain more features and functionalities with out the need for additional costs. Add to this the ability to utilize a hosted VoIP service, and smaller companies can have all the benefits of VoIP their larger competitors were once only able to afford.
A recent whitepaper from business VoIP provider Nextiva, “VoIP Considerations for Small Businesses,” highlights some of the main considerations business owners should review when choosing a VoIP phone service.
Nextiva offers Business VoIP solutions that transform the way small businesses communicate. The company’s affordable hosted VoIP service, Connect360, starts at just around $20 a month and includes IVR, voicemail, dial-by-name, call transfer, find me/ follow me, and a host of other advanced features.
The first, and most discussed benefit of VoIP, is cost savings. Unlike landline phone systems, VoIP calls make use of the Internet to bring down traditionally high costs associated with local and long distance calls.
The whitepaper notes that these savings vary by company, but typically result in at least 35 percent reduction in cost for most firms. 

In addition to cost savings, VoIP is an attractive solution for smaller businesses because it does not require any special equipment to purchase or maintain.

With a Hosted PBX (NewsAlert) VoIP service, all updates, relocations and other maintenance is conducted offsite by the vendor – eliminating costs and hassles. Not only will small businesses get more advanced features, they can attain these at far less cost than even the most basic traditional phone systems.
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