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Skype and SIP: Targeting the Business User

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
The fact that Skype (NewsAlert) and other providers who rely on SIP trunking technology must work with IP-PBXs that have been tested for interoperability with the service, is emerging as a significant market driver in some interesting ways, an analyst with an IT research firm told TMCnet in an interview.
According to Diane Myers, directing analyst for Service Provider VoIP & IMS at Infonetics, the exception to that rule are instances where SPs use an enterprise SBC from a company such as Acme Packet (NewsAlert). That helps businesses use, for example, the Skype for SIP service even when they do not have an interoperable PBX – specifically, by using the SBC as an interconnection between the premises equipment and the Skype trunks.
That’s essential – especially as more and more businesses move to advanced communications solutions and the adoption of UC, particularly video conferencing services, rises.
Recently, a number of vendors and suppliers announced solutions that are interoperable with Skype – a name once synonymous with video-based communications that, through offerings such as smartphone apps, is now increasingly becoming synonymous with pure voice communications, too.
Asked what’s fueling the push from those vendors and suppliers, Myers told TMCnet that the first point of interoperability is always with the IP-PBX (NewsAlert) itself.
For any service provider seeking to offer SIP trunking, Myers said, rigorous interoperability testing is required so that an actual interconnection with the IP-PBX can be achieved.
While some PBX manufactures may engage with a service provider such as Skype, there can be a burden placed on the service provider in this process, since vendors don’t need direct involvement to achieve the testing, Myers told TMCnet.
Skype’s SIP for Businesses is one way the popular company is targeting the business user. Launched in 2009, and currently in beta, this offering is much different from the company’s typical offering as Skype is focusing on IP business connectivity. However barriers exist, Myers pointed out, since businesses must bring their own broadband connection, this will create a challenge since Skype will need to manage the quality of service of its offering.
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