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Migrating to SIP-Based Communications Gives Carriers an Edge

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
With the explosive growth of data-based applications this year, it’s no wonder more and more carriers and phone companies are investing in equipment in order to migrate to all-IP based systems.
Industry experts believe that amongst the many advantages IP based systems can offer they also give non-RBOC carriers a competitive advantage
“Using IP communications technology for voice and data traffic is more cost-effective than traditional voice-based systems,” said Agostino Guglietta, VP of business development for Tandem Transit (NewsAlert), an IP communications services carrier that provides a wide range of wholesale transit services to CLEC, ILEC, cable and wireless customers in the U.S. market. “More and more carriers are providing VoIP based solutions to their end users. As both ends of the call become VOIP enabled, the quality of the call can be improved due to technology. So as more phone companies migrate onto the networks, we will see an increase in QoS, and a reduction in cost.”
For example, if a local carrier has enterprise customers in Boston and New York that are both calling each other, all the carrier has to do is peer with Tandem Transit to have those customers connected to save money. Or, if that carrier wants to use Tandem Transit’s network to connect those customers, it can use its network. 
“ISPs provide the conduit, and Tandem Transit does the actual interconnections that make carrier-grade VoIP possible,” Guglietta said. “This helps competitive carriers gain a cost-effective advantage.”
Ultimately, conversion to an all IP network means that local carriers reduce expensive and increase connectivity. This means fewer dropped calls and a higher quality of service for their end users.
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