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Bandwidth, Wireless Lead List of Top 10 Trends for 2010

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Unprecedented bandwidth demand by consumers and enterprises will drive communications services providers to offer more powerful bandwidth solutions in the coming year, according to M/C Venture Partners. But an equally-important trend is wireless, both in the enterprise and consumer user segments.

Among the key bandwidth developments are 4G Long Term Evolution in the wireless space, DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems that will affect the business broadband business, and 10+ Gbps fiber-based data offerings for enterprises, M/C Venture Partners says.

The formerly separate unified messaging and social networking spaces will start to merge on mobile smartphones, and handset vendors will have more to say about the changes than service providers. But smartphones also will start to drive enterprise fixed-mobile convergence.

Taken as a whole, the list of top-10 trends shows the twin importance of bandwidth and wireless. About four of the trends deal directly with bandwidth demand. But five of the trends deal with mobility.

“Consumers are sharing and demanding more rich media than ever before, and they are doing so in new ways, which places more stress on their data connections. They expect their Internet experience will meet their needs,” says James Wade, M/C Venture Partners managing general partner.

The top-10 trends include:

1.  10+ Gbps broadband closer to the cloud’s edge to connect enterprises and other network nodes.

2.  Cable operators will change the nature of competition for enterprise broadband services.

3.  Video consumption by consumers will continue to drive an unprecedented growth in bandwidth usage in the home.

4.  4G LTE will create a globally scalable network platform.

5.  Social networking is driving the next generation of “unified messaging” on handsets.

6.  Carriers who are ceding market power to handset OEMs.

7.  Smartphones will begin enabling voice applications in the enterprise.

8.  More consolidation of competitive local carriers.

9.  Communications services companies will become more application-centric, across access networks.

10.  Power consumption in data centers will come under increased scrutiny.

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