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Creative Questions Hirers Might Ask Applicants

Clearly, it’s important to get a good measure of the applicant in the interview, and that’s possible with some creative queries.

Beyond the open-ended “Tell me about yourself,” here are a few good questions suggested by The HR Specialist newsletter:

— What makes you proud? (A good one because it can reveal whether the applicant thinks in terms of me-me-me or involves others in the answer.)

— What would your fans say about you? And your critics?

— What is the most useful criticism you’ve received?

— What processes did you improve at your last job?

— Who was your favorite boss and why? Least favorite?

— What frustrates you at work, and what do you do about it?

— What one area of your performance do you struggle with?

— Tell me about a time when you had to adapt quickly to change.

— Describe a time you had to sacrifice quality to meet a deadline.

— How do you stay current on industry trends and standards?

— What do you think are key qualities for this position?

— How has your current position prepared you for this job?

— Have you ever been fired? Why?

— What are your three most effective business accomplishments?

— Tell me about a time when your communication skills had an impact.

— Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline.

How candidates answer these questions will help expose their confidence levels and their honesty.

Answers that become gripes about past bosses or workplaces will speak loudly about the applicant’s frame of mind.

And, job hunters: Be prepared to answer questions like these!

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