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Why Choose a Hosted VoIP PBX?

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

With tons of different phone solutions available, why choose a hosted VoIP PBX for your business? Here are 10 main reasons why you should consider hosted VoIP.

1.       Calls are cheaper with VoIP
No matter what your industry, call costs for business VoIP service is significantly cheaper than call costs for analog phone service. Switch to hosted VoIP and save.
2.       Equipment is cheaper with Hosted VoIP
With hosted VoIP the only equipment you have to purchase is the phones, Internet connect, and VoIP service. Electing to go the hosted VoIP PBX provider route allows businesses to forgo the large expense associated with purchasing an onsite phone system. With hosted VoIP, the hosting company keeps the equipment at their location and allows you to access it via the Internet.
3.       Less Maintenance
If you’re using a hosted VoIP PBX system, then all IT support, maintenance and upgrades will be handled by your solution provider. This will allow you to reduce your staff and cut costs in IT. You’ll also be able to reduce staff in the administrative department. After setting up an automated attendant greeting and automatic call transfer, customers will be easily routed to your line without the assistance of an employee.
4.       Easy add new Phones
With a hosted VoIP PBX adding a new line is simple. All you need to do is purchase a new VoIP phone, plug it in and order an additional line. Following this you will be up and running!
5.       Hosted VoIP PBX Systems are Perfect for Telecommuters
All a telecommuter needs to access the full range of feature of the office phone system at home is a VoIP phone and an Internet connection. Simply plug it in and they are good to go! Telecommuting reduces travel expenses, saves money on office space and utilities. Also, when employers have the option to hire outside of their area they can pull from a greater talent pool.
6.       Use Hosted VoIP to Unify Your Communications
Many hosted VoIP systems offer unified communications abilities. With a hosted VoIP PBX you can enjoy the luxury of having voicemails and faxes sent straight to your inbox. You’ll also be able to integrate your outlook contacts and ultimately, saves time and increases productivity.
7.       Access Innovative Features
Dynamic auto attendant, advanced ACD & call queue, unified voice and fax messaging, visual call reports and the option to record calls are just some of the hot hosted VoIP features that can come with a hosted VoIP PBX system. If you pick the right provider you can access a feature offering that you’ll love.
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