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ExplorersWeb Week in Review The Pioneers Checkpoint

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Lists of expeditions are up for Himalaya, Everest, the North Pole and other Arctic. Remote Medical will be main contributor on the medical section of ExplorersWeb (BaseCampMD), now expanding from Everest to the rest of the world. ExWeb scrutinized the NASA budget proposal and Tom Holzel believes he’s got Irvine (and possibly the camera) this time.

HumanEdgeTech proudly presents: CONTACT 5 – the world in one click! Created in 2001 as private expedition software for the first live dispatches from the polar caps, over a thousand of expeditions later CONTACT5 is ready to enter the new decade: go live with text, images and video to Expedition Website, Twitter, Facebook and more with one single click! At a price of $299.

The “new” Basecamp MD: Remote Medical at ExplorersWeb A market leader with over seventy employees across North America, conducting operations and training on seven continents; Remote Medical will be main contributor on the medical section of ExplorersWeb (BaseCampMD), now expanding from Everest to the rest of the world.

2010 climbing season kick-off: Everest and Himalaya list of expeditions! Yes it’s that time of the year again! Check out the first edition of the brand new 2010 Everest and Himalaya list of expeditions. Several traverses will be attempted on Everest, expect the biggest action on Annapurna though.

2010 Arctic and sub-Arctic list of expeditions! Three solo skiers and five teams plan to ski to the Geographic North Pole. Jim McNeill and his relay team will ski to the North Pole of Inaccessibility. Several teams will ski to the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole. Two teams will cross Lake Baikal and Greenland braces for a Norwegian invasion.

Irvine’s body spotted? “Now all we need is some boots on the ground” Has Andrew Irvine’s body been found? After studying aerial images taken at 8200m, Everest researcher Tom Holzel believes he has spotted Mallory’s climbing partner: “Now all we need is some boots on the ground to prove it one way or the other – and bring back Irvine’s folding Kodak camera,” he wrote at ExWeb.

Irvine update: wealthy sportsmen offered Everest history for $200K “It occurred to me that some wealthy sportsmen would love to be the discoverers of what might be a history-altering find,” said Tom Holzel. “They would have to be strong, with some mountaineering experience and able to put up $200K in a few days time.”

Mark Kalch’s Iran crossing debrief: “Iran is not simply about nuclear ambitions and politics” As three American hikers remain jailed in Iran; Aussie Mark Kalch completed his trek alone across the country. Walking from Iran’s northern border on the Caspian Sea to its southerly border in the Persian Gulf, Mark said he witnessed “people going about their lives in much the same way we do.”

Henk de Velde in Puluwat: birds and currents vs. autopilot and GPS They developed their own navigation skills using stars, birds, currents and colors of the water, and sailing trips up to 500 nm. The people of Puluwat admired Henk de Velde’s autopilot and GPS, but they are proud of their ancestors’ methods. Currently Henk is sailing to Japan after a visit to Pacific Islands.

Erden Eruc update: Sea-kayaking on the east coast of Australia Erden Eruc who is on a human powered circumnavigation of the globe has concluded his 33-day Coral Sea crossing in a rowboat from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea to near Thursday Island, Australia. On January 28 he left off from where he stopped near Thursday Island and is now sea-kayaking to Cooktown.

The Antarctic meteorite hunters’ season from a Meteorite’s perspective The ANSMET meteorite hunters 2009-10 season is over; 1010 meteorites were individually sealed in bags, locked in boxes, and kept frozen for their trip from Antarctica to Johnson Space Center where their secrets will be revealed. The Chinese meteorite hunters meanwhile conducted their search at the Grove Mountains.

Climbing Mag – expert on climate change? The United Nations’ expert panel on climate change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were forced earlier this month to retract inaccurate claims about the melting of Himalayan glaciers, reportedly based on a dissertation written by a geography student and an article in Climbing magazine.

Atlantic rowing update A low-pressure system set in over the Atlantic Rowing Race fleet and crews were losing miles. They used their para anchors and safety equipment to minimize lost ground. Independent 22-year old solo rower, Katie Spotz, crossed the 1,000-mile line; still 1,500 to go.

Anglo American Boat Race 2010: Crew places available The Anglo American Boat Race is a 2,000 mile circumnavigation of the British coastline starting and finishing at Tower Bridge in London. It takes place in June this year. Entries are opened for crew members on a boat that aims to beat the 26-day record.

NASA budget: a wing-cut America A new NASA budget has been proposed by the government. The constellation program and human exploration are scrubbed. There is a general mention of “game changing technologies” but no real goals or timelines have been specified. 6 Billion are to go to private entrepreneurs, but who are they?

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