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2010 climbing season kick-off: Everest and Himalaya list of expeditions!

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Everest and Lhotse at a glance

American Gavin Turner will attempt an Everest double traverse while Australian Andrew Lock will try to climb the peak from Tibet to Nepal without supplementary oxygen.

Japanese Nobukazu Kuriki will give Everest another shot without O2, and Everest mega-summiteer Dave Hahn is back leading RMI’s 2010 expedition.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and husband Ralf Dujmovits will return to Everest north face for an oxygen-less attempt.

A Christian group will climb Everest for Jesus while Jordan Romero hopes to bag the peak at the ripe age of 13.

The north side seems to be fully open again, attracting regulars such as Jamie McGuinness, Alex Abramov and Dan Mazur. Adventure Peaks, Kobler and Jagged-Globe will be there as well.

After her Antarctica ski this winter, Canuck Aerospace Engineer Meagan McGrath will climb Lhotse, before attempting K2 in summer. 2008 K2 survivor Marco Confortola might try Lhotse with one of the Sherpas who saved his life.

Annapurna – the main event

Expect the biggest action on Annapurna though. Edurne Pasaban will try Anna and Shisha in the same season – her two last 8000ers.

No less than five South Korean expeditions will be in place, including Oh Eun Sun with her two regular Sherpas hoping to safely crown her final 8000er quest.

Piotr Pustelnik is back to face his last 8000er for the fifth time, dedicating the climb to long-time friend and climbing mate Piotr Morawski, perished in a crevasse on Dhaulagiri last year.

Also on Annapurna, Joao Garcia will attempt to become the first Portuguese 14x8000er summiteer while South Korean 14x8000er summiteer Young-Seok Park aims for Anna’s mighty south face following his new route on Everest last year.

With eight 8000ers bagged, Spanish Carlos Pauner hit a series of glitches on Shisha Pangma and Manaslu last year, now hoping for vindication on Annapurna.

Other peaks

American Nick Rice plans to give Kangchenjunga a shot, most likely by the British Route on the south face, and then head back to Pakistan for his second attempt on K2.

American mountain guide Fabrizio Zangrilli will lead Field Touring Alpine’s first expedition on Makalu while the British Service plans a second attempt on Makalu South East Ridge.

Over on Manaslu, veteran Spanish climber Carlos Soria hopes to tick off his Himalaya no 9 at age 71.

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