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Redefine Telco Business Models

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
You, the service provider, have a rather irreplaceable role in today’s value chain. Alcatel-Lucent has produced a number of white papers and research studies showing that application developers and content providers are willing to pay for access to your high-value network capabilities.
Yes they will – it “gives them better contextual information for more effective targeting of their applications and content,” Alcatel-Lucent has found. They know what that’s worth, they value it, and they’re willing to put their money behind it.
“Working with an application developer and content provider ecosystem accelerates time-to-market, improves your ability to target niche markets, increases your relevance and generates non-subscriber-based revenue,” the ALU research has found.
Alcatel-Lucent provides high leverage network architecture, if you’re looking to beef up your ability to provide more high-demand Web capabilities to more screens.
Another avenue they offer, which you might want to take a look at, is the Alcatel-Lucent open API Service. This gives application developers fairly simplified access to high-value network capabilities, such as location and end-user preferences, through common APIs based on industry standards.
What this means is that developers can write differentiating applications that work across service provider networks, without having to navigate complex APIs or business agreements. Much simpler and faster all around: “And service providers gain a business model that increases and monetizes network traffic without the expense of a developer program,” Alcatel-Lucent concludes.
Of course what works for one provider might not work for you; this isn’t cookie-cutter economics. Search around and find what fits your role, ecosystem relationships, revenue models and key success factors. And then take a look at the Alcatel-Lucent research on emerging business models and see what works as the best approach for your market strategy and reality.
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