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Have a Successful VoIP Implementation

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
For most companies looking to implement a new VoIP solution, the initial steps can seem intimidating if proper planning and strategies are not put in place.
To help small businesses and large enterprises overcome any challenges with implementing VoIP, MegaPath released today a checklist with key activities and criteria to consider before implementation.
According to Paul Marra, vice president, Voice Products at MegaPath, “Businesses of all sizes should do their homework when researching a VoIP solutions provider to ensure their investment doesn’t break the bank now, but provides enough flexibility to make upgrades later.”

Quality of service should be a key focus early on in the planning phase. For example, a provider that offers MPLS capability, according to MegaPath officials, is most likely committed to QoS and offering lines that are dedicated to voice over data traffic.
Considering what provider the business has, and whether or not the VoIP solution is compatible is also important. Proprietary solutions can be restricting and require an entire system upgrade to function properly. To avoid extra costs down the road, this step is vital in the pre-planning phase.
Also, choosing a VoIP phone system that offers lots of features is important today with more and more sophisticated users and as businesses continue to grow their voice and data capabilities.

To avoid disruptions when the system is in place, it’s also important to run tests and ensure all features and functions work properly.
Finally, according to officials with MegaPath, “practice makes perfect.” Basic training and a quick reference guide for new users of the VoIP solution will help the business to run smoothly and effectively.
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