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Global VoIP Subscriptions Reach 100 Million Mark

A recent report from Point Topic shows that the total number of VoIP subscribers worldwide reached 100 million by the end of September 2009.
According to the report, subscriptions to VoIP solutions grew 15 percent in the first three quarters of 2009.

‘The number is close to 110 million today,” said John Bosnell, senior analyst at Point Topic, in a release. “This represents steady growth, particularly in the face of the financial turmoil of the recent past. For VoIP though there is an argument that these conditions are an uptake driver since you should be saving money if you’re making your calls over IP.’

Although the US had the highest number of VoIP subscribers, at 22 million, the penetration rate is much higher in countries like France and Korea. According to the report, fixed line VoIP services have 38 percent penetration in France and 18 percent in Korea.

The Top 10 Countries, in terms of subscribership, are as follows:
1. USA – 22,704,900
2. Japan – 21,368,000
3. France – 16,125,000
4. Germany – 8,100,000
5. China – 5,000,000
6. South Korea – 4,846,839
7. Italy – 4,187,000
8. Canada – 3,607,318
9. Netherlands – 3,446,400
10. UK – 2,950,000
‘It’s competition that’s forced the pace in France and with a combination of an enthusiastic set of suppliers, cost effective bundles, appropriate regulation and a developing infrastructure the same could be seen in any market no matter how entrenched the incumbents,” Bosnell said. “Telcos will have to keep developing their own IP voice offerings to meet the challenge.”
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