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Windows still No. 1 in server operating systems

International Data Corp. released its fourth-quarter global server data on February 25, listing the top providers of server hardware. But what about on the software front?

According to IDC’s data, Windows is still the dominant player. The fourth quarter 2009 was more robust than the third, in terms of total revenues and units. Windows’ share of the total stayed constant unit-wise, yet declined, dollar-wise, when compared to the previous calendar quarter.

That said, Windows is still far and away the No. 1 server operating system, in terms of units, and the definite leader in terms of dollars.

Here’s IDC’s OS share data break out.

Units (Q3 2009/Q4 2009)

Windows    1,248,200 (73.9%)     1,434,255 (73.9%)
Unix                72,001 ( 4.3%)           84,851 ( 4.4%)
Linux            357,491 (21.2%)         412,041 (21.2%)

Total          1,688,859                   1,941,966

U.S. Dollars (in millions) (Q3 2009/Q4 2009)

Windows   $4,487   (43.0%)           $5,393 (41.6%)
Unix          $2,803   (26.9%)          $3,877  (29.9%)
Linux         $1,537   (14.7%)          $1,905 (14.7%)

Total    $1,688,859                 $1,941,966

Windows Server and SQL Server are the biggest bottom-line contributors to Microsoft’s Server and Tools business.  It will still be another few years before Microsoft’s investments in cloud computing begin kicking in and contributing dollars to Redmond’s coffers, officials have conceded.

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