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Dimension Data Helps Companies Promote Internal Use of UC, Telepresence

We hear a lot of talk about the promise of unified communications and videoconferencing to enable better productivity and otherwise improve our work lives. But we don’t hear so much about companies that adopt these types of new tools yet fail to get the employee buy-in needed to release returns on these investments – although that is not uncommon.

To address this challenge, systems integrator Dimension Data today unveiled at VoiceCon in Orlando the Adoption Management Program.

AMP, which comes in basic and customizable versions, provides e-mails, posters, Web banners, direct mail, video, a webinar, intranet Web page, surveys and other tools and content that a business or organization can use to promote to its employees the benefits of UC and/or TelePresence. The tools can also help educate and remind employees on how to use these technologies, and can even help measure their interest in and use of  the technologies, Mitchell Hershkowitz, Dimension Data’s national solutions manager tells TMCnet.

Recent research from companies like The Butler Group and Sandhill Group indicates the potential need for a program like AMP, given the former research firm reports that 50 percent of corporate software purchases are never used, and Sandhill Group notes end user adoption is the most critical success factor for realizing deployment value of these investments.

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