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TANDBERG Introduces New Personal Telepresence Solution

TANDBERG has launched a new personal telepresence solution that extends the award-winning TANDBERG TelepresenceF in-person experience to individuals at their desks or home offices.

Named as the EX90, the new launch has been a result of integration of the superior audio and visual quality and signature touch screen interface of TANDBERG Telepresence into a sleek desktop solution.

The resulting solution is all set to change the way executives and experts communicate and collaborate with each other.

Fredrik Halvorsen, TANDBERG CEO noted that today businesses are no longer driven by emails and phone calls because executives don’t have the time to wait for answers, or to be misunderstood.

Today, the executives want to immediately connect face-to-face with anyone at anytime, at a moment’s notice because they want to accelerate decisions and drive business in real time.

Halvorsen said that the EX90 allows executives to engage with customers, experts and employees as if they were sitting across the desk. Designed for the executive experience, this highly versatile system is boasts a sleekly designed large HD display for natural interaction that is also incredibly simple to use.

According to a release, the EX90 can easily connect in full 1080p30 resolution to any standards-based video or telepresence system with 8” touch screen interface called as TANDBERG inTouch.

The EX90 also has MultiSite, a feature that allows executives to add two other participants to any call and thanks to the large 24” HD screen they are easily viewable. Moreover, this solution can seamlessly double as a PC monitor and has a handset for audio, which streamlines executives’ communications and their desks.

TANDBERG notes Steve Henderson, program manager for Varian Medical Systems, a manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions.

Henderson said that their company depends on TANDBERG Telepresence and HD video conferencing for instant “in-person” access to drive critical meetings and make decisions. He finds connecting and collaborating from his desk in the same high quality to be very easy and intuitive with inTouch.

“Telepresence isn’t just about the room set up or number of screens. It’s about the ability to reproduce the valued characteristics of a face-to-face meeting or other similar form of direct human interaction,” said Dominic Dodd, Frost & Sullivan. “The EX90 does this by bringing the high-quality, natural experience of TANDBERG Telepresence to the desktop in a very attractive solution that makes communicating with other video and telepresence users simple. It also incorporates familiar business collaboration tools and features to streamline the overall experience and help drive efficiencies.”

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