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PDF the Standard for Workflow, Data, UC, Fax

Many companies, it seems, are standardizing on PDF for workflow,  data archiving, unified communications and so on. This makes a fax both a source of data and a means of communications.

Examples whereby PDF emerges as a means of communications are popping up across the industry — a trend that naturally raises the profile and importance of reliable fax server and FoIP-based faxing.

Recently, for example, Cortado Workplace announced that its free iPhone app includes an update with an expanded range of functions. The new version comes with 1 GB of online storage space, cloud printing functions, and the ability to scan and copy documents, company officials say.

The enhanced version “allows iPhone users to scan documents using the iPhone camera and automatically converts the images into a PDF file. The file can then be saved to the online storage space, sent as an e-mail, or printed on a local or network printer,” company officials explain.

The app also lets iPhone users make copies of documents and print to any available printer on the network with WiFi connection.

Also, TechWhack recently reported that “online sources are indicating that Google and Adobe are likely to announce a partnership soon. This partnership would see Google bundle Adobe Flash and PDF plug-ins with their Chrome Web browser.”

As a user of aforesaid Chrome browser, we would applaud this, as heartily as we applaud the fact that one can now simply save as PDF from Microsoft Word.

These plug-ins, according to officials of both Google and Adobe, “would be deeply integrated with the Chrome browser to provide better performance and capabilities,” the TechWhack sources report.

Currently, users have to install the plug-ins manually to make them work.

“This would be a good collaboration for Google,” the TechWhack editorial writer says, “as it would enable them to provide a better experience to the end user.” Indeed it would. Be sure you let us know when it’s available.

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