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Everest and Himalaya wrap-up: the trek is on!

Climbers from all corners of the world are gathering in KTM hotels and restaurants. A first wave of Everest climbers are already enjoying the first views of the peak in Namche Bazaar. A few groups headed for Tibet prepare to cross the border – China permitting.

Flights to Lukla have resumed after some cancellations due to bad weather earlier this week.

Iran joining Tibet border pickle

Keyvan Khoshkhou and his team mates are worried about their Cho Oyu climb. “We were to leave on April 7th but border closure between Tibet and Nepal trapped us in a confusing situation,” Keyvan told IMZ news. “Mind that we have already sent our luggage to KTM.”

Another Iranian Cho Oyu climber, Hamid-Reza Dehghan, left Tehran on March 22nd. He planned to first trek to Everest BC. Supposed to be back by April 4th in KTM, he too is reportedly unclear on when the Tibetan border may reopen.

Keyvan Khoshkhou’s team mates are Ali Ali-Mohammadi, Ali Taheri, Karim Nad-Alian and Ropen Sarkisian.

Everest north side

Spanish Alfredo and Pedro García plus Josu Ortubay, aiming for a no-O2 ascent, are in Kathmandu and hope to cross the border into Tibet on Sunday, “Chinese Government permitting,” they reported.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits are also heading for Everest in their second attempt to climb the SuperCouloir (Japanese and Hornbein couloirs combination route) in alpine style and without supplementary O2.

Everest south side

Most teams are reporting from Kathmandu and Lukla, while RMI were to leave Namche Bazaar yesterday.

Ashes of Hillary to rest on Everest

Ang Rita Sherpa handed over ashes of Edmund Hillary to Apa Sherpa, to be placed on the summit of Everest, reported Ang Tsering.

The gesture was on behalf of The Himalayan Trust where Ang Rita is Chairman. Hillary reportedly wished that his ashes be scattered in the sea near his Auckland home, and in the mountains of Nepal.

Apa – Everest summit (19) World Record holder – will again join the Eco Everest expedition led by Dawa Steven Sherpa. Apa is the climbing leader and Nanga Dorje Sherpa will be Sirdar. The team hopes to bring down 6000 kilos of garbage from Camp 2 and below under the “Cash for Trash” program and 1000 kilos of garbage from above Camp 2 under the ”Cleaning up Everest” program.

Scheduled to fly to Lukla April 6, the expedition will use parabolic solar cookers and SteriPENs for water purification.


Simone Moro is in Gokyo at 4800 meters with three mates to acclimatize. He plans to climb to Gokyo Ri, Dragnak and across the Cho La Pass towards Dingboche on his way to Everest BC.

Cleo Weidlich is also in Kathmandu. “I plan on taking the western flank route of Lhotse and the normal route on the Nepal side of Everest,” she reported. “I’ll not climb in a group but with one Sherpa and will not use supplemental oxygen if the conditions are right. Safety first.”

“I have joined Mr. Dawa Stevens Sherpa’s Eco Challenge Expedition and he has given me the honor of appointing me as the trip leader,” she added.


German Luis Stitzinger plans to try the first ever ski descent from Makalu summit. Austrian Stephan Keck and Paul Gürtler will try a ski-descent from Dhaula summit.


13 Iranian climbers reached Dhaulagiri BC on March 26th, according to IMZ News. They will climb the NE ridge.

Ehsan, alone for Annapurna

Unable to join any international expedition, Iranian Ehsan Partovi-Nia, 31, arranged all logistics on his own. He left Tehran for KTM yesterday, heading for Annapurna. Ehsan was one of the five Iranian climbers who summited Nanga-Parbat in 2008.

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