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Everest & Annapurna wrap-up: Tibet gates open, Oh Eun-Sun team pleads clean

Following extended searches of their luggage, Everest north side teams have crossed the Friendship Bridge to Tibet and expect to hit BC by Thursday. Miss Oh home team defends waste management, and note they are not the only Korean team in the area.

Everest north side: into Tibet!

SummitClimb Everest north side team crossed the border along the Friedship Bridge on April 3rd. Only delays took place on the Tibetan side, due to works on the road to Zhangmu and Tingri. Climbers and guides expect to reach Everest BC on Thursday.

“We were rather nervous upon leaving Koradi, but in the end we’ve made it across the border without much problem,” Spanish Alfredo García reported. “It’s getting complicated though: we were told to display all items in our hand luggage and officers even checked the pictures loaded in our cameras and the files we kept in our lap-tops.”

Alfredo, Pedro and Josu are approaching Everest together with Gerlinde and Ralf (who will separate at ABC and continue towards Everest North Face) and a French climber. They too hope to hit BC in two days.

Everest south side

The bulk of Everst teams is currently acclimatizing in Dingboche and surroundings, already above 4,000m. “We are getting closer to our destination, but also progressing slower,” No Guts Know Glory team members noted.

“This is the elevation that most start to feel the affects of altitude,” Peak Freaks chimed in. “It is a critical turning point. Some people take a little longer and some hit the wall.”

Annapurna arrivals

Martin Ramos and Jorge Egocheaga reached BC today, according to Martin’s website. Unlike previous expeditions this season (whose members were airlifted) they have trekked all the way to BC. “The climbers had their puja today; tomorrow they plan to carry loads to C2, at 5,400m,” Martin home team reported.

Iranian Ehsan Partovi-Nia started the trek to Anna’s BC earlier today and hopes to get there in 6 days.

’Himalayan cleaning woman’ Oh Eun-Sun

Following recent report of Korean garbage on the trail and around Annapurna, Oh Eun-sun’s Sponsor Y. H. Park of Black Yak clarified: “We are extremely careful about our expedition waste disposal. We specifically told our BC crew to leave no trace behind. As for the fall 2009 debris abandoned in Anna BC, we must note that there were 4 Korean teams in place – therefore, they should be asked on the matter as well.”

“This year, Miss Oh has been extremely concerned about the environment. She and her staff have spent part of their spare time retrieving trash left on the trail by others. She also made clear to people accompanying the team that waste should be placed only in permitted spots. In the end, she gained the nick-name of ‘Himalayan cleaning woman’. Finally, they are not aware of others’ behaviors, but only focusing on their own environmental concerns.”

According to plans, Oh Eun-Sun would be ready for a summit push by April 25th, correspondent Kyu Dam Lee stated. Expedition leader (organizer?) T.S.Kang will travel from S.Korea, together with the team physician Dr. Ahn in order to check that all systems are go.

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