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Everest wrap-up: hello Base Camp

It’s a special feeling to hit Everest BC among the first. The yet fairly empty glacier and ice fall breathe big adventure, before caravans of climbers are spotted on the rocky horizon. Base Camps on both sides of Everest have been reached.

Not all make it this far though: some climbers wishing to test their endurance on the trek push too hard, and several climbing organizers also alert that KTM kids might not be the best guides on the trek.

The bulk of the south side Everest expeditions are currently scattered along the upper Khumbu villages. Tibet-side Everest teams traveled the Rongbuk valley from Tingri to BC yesterday.

Everest south side BC: rock gardens and decorated tents

“Our team arrived at Everest BC around 1 pm,” Jeff Martin of RMI team reported yesterday. The tents were set up and ready for their arrival.

So were those of the Finnish Everst & Lhotse expedition members, who spent a first night in their new home.

“The cracks and swings of the glacier woke us this morning,” the Finns reported earlier today. “Ranging around the tent village after the morning duties, we found several nicely made stone gardens.”

“So far, there are somewhat less tents than the last year, however, the large part of the camp is still empty. Sherpas have done a great work by pitching all the tents for the clients of commercial expeditions, and going as far as decorating the tents with the clients’ personal belongings.”

Trekkers and AMS warning by Tim Rippel

A number of teams are about to join the early birds. Tim Rippel and his Peak Freaks expedition reached Gorak Shep today – sans two members.

“Unfortunately they have reached their wall and are not showing the ability to acclimatize at these elevations,” Tim explained. “ It happens. It has nothing to do with fitness, it is entirely a haemoglobin thing.”

“Then, each year, there are people who break the rules of “going slow and only rising the recommended height per day,” Tim added.

“Last autumn we had to organize an Asian women who hired a local guide. The guide broke the rules – buyer beware!… Sometimes local guides hired off the streets in Kathmandu or Lukla don’t understand the importance of an acclimatization schedule or a client may insist that the job offer comes with a fast schedule. In this case the client wanted to push higher faster and it came close to costing her her life, had we not intervened and organized to get her out.”

The view from Namche

Meanwhile Kenton Kool is resting in Namche with the rest of Dream Guides team members “We got to see the mountain for the first time today,” Kenton reported.

“Bonita had stopped a little earlier and pointed a mountain out to David and Lewis, “WOW look its huge” they were all taking photos when I asked what they are looking at…“Why its Everest” I chuckled and put them straight…When they did finally see Everest its still so far away it looks tiny. “I think mine looked better” said Bonita!!!!”

Island Peak check: Simone ready for 8000ers

“4th April, Easter day, Aldo, Tamara and I went till the summit of Island Peak (6182 m) and thus completed the acclimatization period we planned before our main goal,” Simone Moro wrote. “Aldo and I will attempt Everest; Tamara will go for Lhotse. I will try both, energy and weather permitting.”

Everest north side: fresh highway and plush hotel

Over on the north side, the Hungarians are in BC. Dávid Klein and his team hope to move to Advanced Base Camp around the 10th.

Spanish Alfredo Garcia also planned to hit BC yesterday, after a comfortable trip. “We only needed an hour to cover the 38km between Zhangmu and Nyalam, the dirt-road was fixed during the Olympic flame trip two years ago,” Alfredo reported. “Once in Nyalam, we stayed at a new hotel – so new indeed, that we joined the inauguration party that evening.”

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