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Time For A Review Of Your Goals?

If you have no concrete goals and you have been succeeding in spite of yourself, just think how much more success you could enjoy if you set your sights on a definite path and had a specific time-frame in which you expect to reach your destination.

Setting Goals Keeps You Focused

What you should know is that goals give you three distinct advantages, which help you succeed:

  • Goals keep you on track.
  • Goals let you know when and what to celebrate.
  • Goals give you a focused plan to work with.

If nothing else, goals let others know what they have to aim for to keep up with your standards.

Effective Goal Setting

Take the time to think about what would make you happy, contented and satisfied, and about what would motivate you to become a top five percent player.

It’s important to remember that goals are maps; they will guide you towards your success – the more detailed your goal setting, the easier it will be for you to reach your destination.

When you are in the first stage of goal setting you also need to remember two important factors:

  • The goal must be better than your best yet – but it must be achievable.
  • Goals should be based on productivity not production.

Keeping these two rules of goal setting firmly in your mind will help you to form and stay committed to what is really important to you.

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