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Annapurna heads-up: Edurne’s change of heart – going up

┬áIt’s all about the weather. High winds punishing the upper section of Annapurna, only yesterday Edurne told ExWeb that her team would wait at least until Saturday before heading back up.

Yet as night fell in BC today – climbers in their comms tent sent over a different message: “We’re leaving towards C2 tomorrow,” Alex Chicon told Ferran Latorre (evacuated from BC two weeks ago) over Skype.

“The plan is one camp per day and, hopefully, attempt the summit on Monday,” a team member in BC confirmed in an email. “The guys are ready to go up; with some luck they’ll be pinning this one very soon,” Pasaban’s manager posted on Facebook.

Confirmation from Edurne, the expedition leader, is still expected though. “They’re definitely going up and weather forecasts are good for the next five days according to Alex,” Ferran told ExplorersWeb from his home in Barcelona. “However it is still too early to know how far they’ll get. It depends on conditions, weather and how well acclimatized they prove to be.”

Juanito Oiarzabal returned from C2 yesterday, and reported loads of snow on the route. Too much fresh snow is always exhausting for trail-blazers but it’s a different game on avalanche-prone Annapurna.

“In addition, there is an ice wall above C3 that needs to be fixed, which may well take a full day of work,” Ferran said. “That means quite a lot of time on altitude for the climbers considering they have only slept in C2, at just 5,500m.”

“In my opinion, they’ll set off from BC, start climbing and make decisions en route,” Ferran wrapped up. “So they’re hesitant to announce a full summit push.”

Weather forecasts vary from team to team. Al Filo home crew mentioned that fresh forecasts today announced a bad weather spell next week. This could be the reason behind Edurne’s sudden change of heart.

Alex confirmed the good forecast to Ferran. Carlos Pauner instead reported on his website that he is climbing back to BC from C2 tomorrow, as weather conditions are expected to change for the worse.

Friday update: Edurne’s team climbed to C2 as planned, but the weather is worse than expected. Plans to proceed to C3 tomorrow are pending conditions.

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