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User Expectations Driving IP Transformation

The agility to launch new services and implement new business models is critical for success today. It requires adaptations to your network, information systems, operations and business models.

Alcatel-Lucent has prepared a recent white paper making the case for IP transformation. To stay competitive, it notes, “you are looking to introduce new services for consumers and businesses, reduce operational costs and enhance the end-user experience. “

Sound good so far? Sure does to us.

At the same time, as Alcatel-Lucent notes, networks and IT are migrating to an all-IP world: “Large-scale IP transformation requires a broad set of interrelated activities to address business impact, modeling and opportunity assessment,” as the paper points out.

To successfully navigate the opportunities open to you it’s probably wise to look into consulting services, such as Alcatel-Lucent’s Market Advantage Program. Such services can help you assess and capture market opportunities, analyze and recruit the right developers for your business and network strategy and run market trials and launch new services, among other benefits.

The right consultant can show you where to take full advantage of primary market research and analytics, and guide you in choosing the right business models.

“Delivering the experience that end users and ecosystem partners want requires a shift to open business models,” the Alcatel-Lucent paper concludes. “This evolution creates opportunities to develop partnerships with new revenue models and shared risks and rewards as well as opportunities to outsource some parts of your network or operations.”

The sort of transformation required to achieve these goals includes network evolution through design and implementation of a flexible IP network. Alcatel-Lucent sells a High Leverage Network architecture which “helps you break network evolution down into manageable stages that match your business objectives,” according to company officials.

You should also look at the service delivery evolution to enable rapid and cost-effective service creation, as well as onboarding new services and partners

“With the explosive growth of new services and increasing end-user expectations, one of the ways to accelerate time-to-market and innovation is by working with trusted partners, application developers and content providers,” the paper concludes.

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