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UC Market, VoIP on the Rise: Report

The global unified communications market is slated to grow as technologies mature and businesses acknowledge the value of integrating disparate communications and collaboration technologies.

That’s the latest analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s “World Unified Communications Markets,” which finds that the installed base of fully-integrated UC users in 2009 was about 2 million, and is likely to reach 50 million by 2015.

As a nascent and largely untested technology, “UC suffered severely from the global recession, which forced businesses to limit investments to those generating immediate ROI,” the study found.

Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst, Unified Communications and Collaboration, said UC “offers the potential to drive growth in related markets and encourages companies to upgrade their equipment sooner than they might otherwise.”

Currently, UC is being offered in two distinct business models: all-in-one suites and best-of-breed integrations.

“Free UC clients, attractive bundling, and low-cost or no-cost pilot programs will help users experience UC and its benefits,” Turek said. “By the time end users are ready to refresh and rebuild their infrastructure again, they are likely to specifically require UC capabilities and make more informed decisions about what to deploy, how, and from which vendors.”

The study finds that over the next five to six years, vendors are likely to continue to aggressively promote UC clients to their customer base, creating opportunities for future application integration.

In a recent interview with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, Mike Storella, director of business development at snom technologies AG, said the strongest segment in the communications industry is unified communications, “as customers look to become leaner and meaner.”

In response to a question, Storella said “I think WiFi should be everywhere, our latest snom VoIP Desk phone 8xx series all do WiFi, I don’t know the percentages but it is drastically less expensive to deploy and all WiFi office eliminating cat5 cable runs and increased Ethernet switch deployments.”

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