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Traditional vs. Cloud-based Workforce Management Software for the Call Center: What’s the Difference?

What is “cloud”-based workforce management software — and how is it different from traditional workforce management software? Furthermore, what are the advantages of cloud-based WFM over premises-based software for the call center?

A new video from hosted call center workforce management software provider Monet Software offers a simple and basic explanation. Here’s a quick break-down of the main points covered in the video, which has been posted on YouTube:

WFM in the Cloud

“Cloud” is often used as a metaphor for the Internet. When workforce management is offered as a service in the cloud, it is ready to use. It is provisioned from a virtualized and secure computer data center over the Internet. This provides for access anywhere through a web browser and data and apps are stored on servers in a secure data center.

Cloud vs. Traditional WFM

There are a number of differences between cloud-based WFM and traditional WFM software. Cloud-based offerings are low in cost, offer a lower time for implementation, do not require an investment for software support, deliver unlimited scalability, provide for easy remote agent access and keep complexity to a minimum.

By comparison, traditional WFM software solutions traditionally have a high cost, require a lot of time for implementation, require high cost for software support, scalability is limited, remote agent access is difficult, and complexity can be quite high depending upon the solution.

Scalable and Secure

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, cloud-based WFM offers scalable and secure solutions. Scalability is already built in to the solution, as is flexible peak-load capacity. The cloud offering also delivers near real-time provisioning of additional server capacity and performance monitoring. Security-focused resources, the latest security infrastructure and encryption and strictly enforced procedures and processes protect all WFM processes in the cloud.


Implementation of the cloud-based WFM solution is designed to be easy. When a user signs up for the service, an account is provisioned at the data center and the user is ready to go. Login grants access to the application through the Web browser and data is loaded sot he system can be configured according to needs. Users also have the option of integrating to ACD using a pre-built connector.

Many may wonder why costs are lower in the cloud, and the answer is really simple – with a shared infrastructure, everyone shares the cost, driving it lower for each user. There is no investment in hardware or software licenses — users simply pay a monthly or annual subscription. Support, maintenance and operations are included in the subscription and all upgrades are free and automatic.

Ensuring that the cloud-based WFM solution integrates with all systems and programs that impact the workforce helps to ensure that a company gets the most value from the solution. Monet Software offers a robust workforce management solution that helps organizations increase agent and supervisor productivity, reduce operating costs and boost customer satisfaction.

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