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Lhotse: Kazakhs on top!

The Kazakh team led by Maxut Zhumayev summited Lhotse yesterday,” Lena Laletina at RussianClimb told ExplorersWeb. “Lhotse is the 13th 8000er for both Maxut and Vassily Pivtsov.”

Minutes Later, home team member Andrey Verkhovod checked in to provide some details:

Thee men-strong summit team

“Kazakhs summited Lhotse on May 16, at around
1.40pm local time, Vasso reported via sat-phone,” Andrey wrote. ” The team consisted of three climbers who set off from BC on May 13: Max Zhumayev, Vaso Pivtsov and Vlad Chekhlov.”

“Vlad is a very young climber from midland city of Karaganda (so, unlike most other Kazakh
climbers, he has no around the year 4000+m aclimatization),” Andrey explained. “Lhotse is his first 8000er, which he has achieved w/o O2 and as member in a sport team!”

As for the currently 13th 8000er summiteer Pivtsov, he reported on “not too strong wind” and no time to loose fixing ropes above C4, according to Andrey. “Max also noted there were some old ropes from previous years,” Verkhovod said.

“The guys are currently resting in C2, and proceeding down to BC tomorrow,” Andrey ended up
All flanks under Kazakh siege

Apparently Kazakh climbers assaulted Lhotse from different flanks yesterday: while the national team went up on the normal route, Denis Urubko opened a new variation from the South Col (check previous stories on ExplorersWeb).

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