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Everest summits from both sides – updated

Plenty of summit are reported from both sides of Everest this morning. HiMex and Adventure Consultants report that winds have dropped.

Among summiteers: Jordan Romero, 13, Apa Sherpa (in his 20th Everest summit), Elia Saikaly (film maker with his Finding Life team) and Alain, Adventure Consultants with Amanda Ramsden (first South African woman to climb 7 summits) and guide Mike Roberts (4th summit). Mika and Timo from Finland made it as well while Ariun became the youngest Indian to climb Everest.

Stay tuned for more updates tonight and through the weekend.

Update May 22, 8:00am Mountain Time:

“All 12 members, 4 guides and 17 sherpa successfully climbed to the roof of the world, and back down to Camp 4 at the South Col,” Himex guide Adrian Ballinger reported, just back from his second Everest summit this season. “The weather was perfect, no wind, cold at the summit, but quite warm lower down.”

Half of Himex team has stopped for the night in C4, while the rest continued further down to C2.

Mikko Vermas from Finland summited at 8:03am, Nepal Time. He reached back C4 and continued further down to C3. His mates Tomi and Joni turned back on their Lhotse attempt due to lack of fixed ropes.

Adventure Consultant summiteers (3 members, two guides and seven climbing Sherpas) are safely back at the South Col. They’ll proceed to C2 tomorrow and further down to BC on Monday.

Asian Trekking Ang Tshering Sherpa has just submmited a press releaset, confirming Apa Sherpa’s 20th summit – and many more, achieved today and on May 17th. Here it goes:

“Apa Sherpa reached the summit of Everest for the 20th time at 08:34am on 22 May 2010. Apa summited along with Eco Everest Expedition Members Arjun Vajpai (India)m, Mamata Sodha (India), Mika Pitkamaki, (Finland), Timo Allan Ilmari Jaatien (Findland), David Liano Gonzalez (Mexico), Pasang Temba Sherpa (Nepal) Pasang Rita Sherpa (Nepal), Phurba Tshering Sherpa, Namche 8, Nepal (10) Mr.Tshering Phinjo Sherpa (Nepal), Samden Bhote (Nepal), Sonam Tshering Sherpa (Nepal), Sonam Tshering Sherpa (Nepal), Nawang Karsang Sherpa (Nepal).”

“Arjun Vajpai, (16Year 11Month 18days) is the youngest Indian National to reach the top of Mt.Everest.”

“Earlier Three Members of Eco Everest Expedition reached the Top of Mt.Everest on 17 May at 08:11am. They are: (1)Miss Cleonice Pacheco Weidlich (USA – Origin Brazil) , Dawa Tshering Sherpa (Nepal), and Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa (Nepal).”

On the north side, Jordan Romero SPOT tracker shows he has reached back C2.

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