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HD Voice – New Opportunities

The adoption of new communications technology has created an opportunity to take the power of voice communications to the next level.
IDC believes that the end-user experience in current implementations of VoIP can be improved in a manner that is simple yet clearly demonstrates the value and superiority of IP-based communications.
This is especially important as businesses look to opportunities in emerging markets such as India and China.
A white paper titled, “Can You Hear What I Mean? Polycom Delivers HD Voice”, noted that doing business on a global basis demands new standards of clarity and consistency in communications.
Foreign accents may obscure meaning and lead to costly misunderstandings. In addition, call centers located in non-native geographies must be able to communicate effectively with customers in order to resolve problems.
The white paper, which has sponsored by Polycom, indicates that as voice communication evolves, new opportunities will present themselves.
Lightweight-communications clients such as Skype are becoming more popular in both consumer and enterprise markets.
The paper pointed out that although these clients are relatively simple, since they traverse the open Internet the need for enhanced voice technology is especially acute. Voice is also beginning to be deployed in non-traditional domains such as gaming.
IDC believes that enhancing the clarity of voice represents a Greenfield opportunity that could help service providers avoid the death spiral of commodity pricing.
Talking about the challenges and opportunities, the white paper noted that the conversion from a traditional business telephone system to IP telephony raises fundamental quality of service considerations.
The path of a voice phone call can be broken down into several elements, each of which affects quality.
According to the white paper three key parameters are applied to ensure that user expectations of voice quality are met. These are: Clarity-which is a measure of the quality of the voice sound to the listener; Delay-which is the time it takes the voice signal to travel from the caller to the person called and Echo-which is the sound of the speaker’s voice returning via the same phone.
Leveraging more than 15 years of research in communications technology, Polycom has developed a technology it calls High Definition or “HD” Voice that is designed to electrify voice communications well beyond the traditional experience.
The paper stated that Polycom HD Voice delivers enhanced clarity over ordinary phone lines and over IP for life-like, vibrant conversations. This increased clarity enables much more natural conversations, which significantly boosts recognition and can help enhance productivity.
One can hear every word without repeating, which saves time and cuts down on misunderstandings. As global business and remote collaboration continue to increase, the need for clear communications has become more critical than ever.
The clarity delivered by Polycom HD Voice makes remote collaboration easier, enabling geographically dispersed teams to communicate as effectively over the phone as they can in person.
By utilizing the technology developed by Polycom, HD Voice can deliver a new level of voice quality over the phone, the white paper said.

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