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IVR Improves Operations of the VoIP Call Center

The call center can be a daunting environment if the proper processes are not in place. For the VoIP call center, operations can easily be streamlined, as long as call center leaders know what they need and how to implement the right solutions.

A VoIP call center provides the perfect opportunity to capitalize on interactive voice response (IVR), as it can help greatly¬†improve call routing for better customer service and enable customer self-service options. Research has shown that today’s speech-enabled IVR systems boost customer satisfaction, as customers can find their own answers to basic questions or even conduct basic transactions, without having to wait on hold to speak with a live agent. What’s more, most organizations view the IVR as a means to preserving precious (and costly) live agent resources.

Augment Live Agents

While many customers still prefer to talk to a live agent if given the option, they also have shown preference for self-serve systems when it comes to basic questions or transactions.

With an IVR solution from DOW Networks, used in conjunction with an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system, callers can be identified and then provided with prerecorded voice prompts and menu selections. Callers can also activate their selection by using their touch-tone telephone keypad or speed inputs.

The IVR works with the ACD to intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent, person or department based on touch-tone or speech inputs; identify and authenticate callers and deliver the relevant information to the screen of the agent handling the call; segment and differentiate callers based on their relationship to the company; and provide the caller with self-service options.

Boost Customer Service

There is little that will satisfy a customer as much as providing exactly what they need, when they need it. Self-service goes a long way in delivering on such promises as it allows the customer to drive much of their own problem resolution without always waiting on the agent to get the job done for them.

DOW Networks’ IVR offers advanced speech recognition (ASP), text-to-speech conversion (TTS) and other technologies to make it easier for the caller to retrieve the information they need instead of navigating through complicated mazes or menus.

Conserving Resources

The single biggest cost facing any call center is labor. If systems can be put in place that conserve agents’ time, agents can then focus on more complex or ‘higher value’ transactions. Thus they can devote more time to those customers who genuinely need help. This is a benefit both externally, where the customer is concerned, as well as internally in the management of the call center.

The IVR solution from DOW Networks can be used for information hotlines, event status updates, inbound staff notifications, employee accountability; continuity of operations, product recall alerts, intelligent agent routing and so much more. Not only can such an approach conserve resources in the VoIP call center, it can also greatly augment a company’s business continuity plan.

  1. November 15, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Once you get to implement IVR solutions for your contact center, you could expect major improvements within your services.

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