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Mobile VoIP – ABI: Over Five Billion Mobile Subscriptions by the end of 2010

ABI Research, a global specialist in trend forecasting and in-depth analysis regarding global connectivity, has forecasted that there will be more than five billion mobile subscriptions the world over by the fourth quarter of 2010.
The company further predicts that there will approximately be 4.8 billion connections at the end of the first quarter of 2010 alone, and that many of these subscriptions will have been made in top developing markets in both the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, which remains the fastest-growing mobile market with a year-on-year growth over more than 22 percent.
As ABI Research analyst Bhavya Khanna reveals, the growth in Asia is expected to rise to approximately 65 percent by the end of 2010, driven by Indonesia and India. Those two markets, says Khanna, have added more than 150 million subscriptions to the global market in the past four quarters, due to the introduction of extremely inexpensive mobile handsets and falling monthly service charges. In addition, aggressive rollouts in these markets will ensure that the rate of subscriber addition remains high.
Even more developed Western markets continue to be sources of new mobile subscriptions—this despite the fact that they have already reached the 100 percent market penetration point. This is due to the continued introduction of new mobile and “third screen” devices like USB dongles, e-book readers, and tablets. ABI Research vice president of forecasting Jake Saunders says that the success Apple is enjoying with its iPad 3G can show the direction operators in saturated markets can take to drive growth—through the introduction of new and cutting-edge devices.
Lastly, the adoption of 4G data networks—LTE and WiMAX— is also a contributory factor to this continued growth. Operators like Yota in Russia and Clearwire in the U.S. have experienced consumers signing up with them in order to acquire mobile alternatives to fixed-line broadband.
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