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Pakistan wrap-up: hard way down for Nanga summiteers, BP action, and here comes Matt, 12

Nanga Parbat: snow slowing summiteers

Following a 24 hours summit day in very rough conditions, Artur Hajzer and Robert Szymczak returned to camp 4 by 9-10 pm. By 4 am the two continued down again in deep snow and were met by Arek Grzadziel who had gone up from C3 early morning. The three climbers might stop for the night in C3 or head down to C2.

“The left a tent and supplies for next summit groups in C4,” member Jurek Natkanski reported. “Meanwhile, a 4-member Korean team arrived in BC today.”

Broad Peak: Summit push tomorrow?

According to a tweet message, Mike Horn and Kobi Reichen could set off on a Broad Peak summit push Friday, local. They pitched a tent at 7000 meters last weekend to be used on the summit attempt. Horn’s team of young explorers is back in Islamabad.

Gasherbrums: French C3

Ludo Challeat’s team is back in BC after pitching C3. “Now all we need is some rest and, next time, we’ll try to get closer to GII’s beautiful summit pyramid,” they reported on the expedition site.

The Slovenian GI Expedition led by Miha Habjan was briefed in the Alpine Club of Pakistan HQs yesterday. The team includes Dejan Miskovich, who was rescued from Muztagh Tower after his mate, Nangpa La hero Pavle Kozjek, perished in 2008.

In the news: Another (very) young gun

Climbing with his father Mike and some friends, 12-year old Matt Moniz summited Denali, Whitney and Elbert in just eight days earlier this month.

Resident in Boulder, CO, Matt had previously summited Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and hiked to Everest BC. Matt is raising money for pulmonary arterial hypertension suffered by his best friend.

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