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Christian Stangl summits K2

(ExplorersWeb/Madrid) Austrian sky-runner Christian Stangl has just checked in at arrival back in K2 BC – from the summit!

He topped-out yesterday and returned in a 70 hour-long push. Christian told his home team that he had topped-out at 10:00[AM?] yesterday, shot a few pics and started back. Out of sat-phone batteries, he couldn’t report on his feat until he returned to BC.

“As night fell on descent, I looked for shelter under a rock and dozed for a short while – don´t know for how long,” Christian reported. “I am exhausted – but happy!”

Stangl has thus bagged the only K2 summit this season. He’ll send a summit pic a.s.a.p., according to his home team. A detailed report is also expected on the amazing ascent.

Kazakhs Maxut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsovreached C3 yesterday but retreated today due to an approaching storm. American Fabrizio Zangrillireported on very dangerous conditions on the Cesen route, mainly due to sheer ice and constant rock falling. No other teams reported on the Austrian, who apparently set off from BC on Tuesday.

July 4, 2009: Christian Stangl turned back at 8,300 meters on a speed attempt on K2. One year later, the Austrian sky-runner returned to repeat the feat, “plus the 316 meters I left undone to the summit,” he stated.

Devoted to speed ascents, in May 2006 Christian summited Everest w/o O2 in only 16 hours 42 minutes. from BC to the top, and six more hours back to BC.

K2 is the first stage of Christian’s current project. After bagging the speed “seven summits” (including Everest in 16h 42min w/o O2 or high camps), Stangl hopes to run up the “second highest ‘seven’”. After K2, he will head to Mount Tyree, Antarctica’s tallest peak after Vinson.

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