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Unified Communications Underutilized in the Call Center

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

As the nation continues to battle through the latter stages of the economic recession, companies are looking to cut costs and improve employee efficiency in every possible area. In an effort to accomplish this goal, many business leaders have begun to examine certain aspects of their day-to-day operations that they may have once taken for granted.

Despite this common practice, a recent survey conducted by Information Week found that a surprisingly high percentage of companies have failed to optimize their call center by taking advantage of Unified Communications (UC) software solutions, which consolidate several communication applications – including videoconferencing, email and other messaging services – into a single interface.

In the poll, researchers surveyed 406 business technology professionals, finding that only 30 percent have consolidated their company’s communication mediums into a single application.

“We believe the primary culprit here is, simply, confusion,” wrote Jeremy Littlejohn, the study’s lead author. “From our survey results, it seems respondents as a whole have an archaic vision of what UC means from an application standpoint.”

The most innovative and efficient Unified Communication products are now software-based solutions that combine contact center applications, CRM integration, desktop sharing, videoconferencing and instant messaging.

Integrating every communication application can help companies increase their call center’s productivity, eliminate excessive spending, reduce energy consumption and avoid continued employee training.

Furthermore, by running every application through a single software program, companies no longer need to concern themselves with the technical glitches that can sometimes accompany integrated hardware solutions or standalone desktop applications.

Unfortunately, some business technology professionals have been unable to fully recognize the cost savings associated with a software-based UC solution.

“It is much easier to show the cost savings of going from seven servers to one than it is to show how much you saved or earned because your client got to the right employee faster or a videoconference saved dozens of phone calls,” added Littlejohn.

Contactual, an all-in-one virtual call center software provider, notes in a recent blog postthat a unified software solution can increase call center productivity by 50 percent and reduce training costs by as much as 60 percent.

As soon as IT decision-makers begin to identify the benefits of an integrated, software-based communication application, the UC solution market is bound to hit new highs.


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