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Voice Management: How to Succeed with VoIP Quality

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As VoIP continues to grow today among business users looking for better work group collaboration, support for mobile workforces, and as a way to expand their global market share, the need for improved management of quality of service cannot be ignored.

ABI recently predicted that the market for VoIP technology and services will double by 2015 and exceed $20 billion.  Improvement is needed in both the management of VoIP quality of service and overall converged voice service levels as both elements can directly impact user experience and business success.

The biggest hurdle is pinpointing and resolving quality issues stemming from such things as underlying network capacity, traffic levels, and increasing call volume occurring at the time of degradation.Even with VoIP analytics tools, which offer some help, there’s not always a guarantee that all quality issues are identified and corrected.

To further discuss the only sure fix – an integrated, holistic management of both VoIP QoS and the underlying converged network infrastructure, TMC recently hosted a free webinar, “Six Critical Steps to Boost VoIP Quality & Converged Network Service Levels,” sponsored by Tone Software.

The webinar highlighted ways to ensure VoIP call quality and service levels consistently meet expectations and business objectives, as well as how to close “management gaps” that can endanger VoIP quality and service levels.

Guest presenters Amit Kapoor, director of Strategic Technology Advancement at Tone Software, and Paul Wiggins, Convergence Technology manager at Tone Software also covered the ways staff can better handle the growing VoIP support load, and how to reduce the cost of deploying and supporting VoIP and converged voice services.

“The cost to maintain a VoIP endpoint is significantly higher compared to the cost of specialized tools that provide the visibility, knowledge and depth of the VoIP network,” Kapoor said.

“Breaking down the barriers of successfully managing VoIP means establishing unified management across the voice, data and network domains.”

Originally posted at: http://www.tmcnet.com/enews/e-newsletters/Internet-Telephony/20101101/112507-voice-management-how-succeed-with-voip-quality.htm

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