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Hosted CRM Empowers Companies to Leverage New Opportunities

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How much can your business benefit from hosted CRM? According to a recent news post, hosted solutions are growing like crazy as companies are discovering the benefits of leveraging solutions that require little to no upfront cost and can be launched with a simple click of a mouse.  

Research firm Gartner has said that cloud computing is one of four converging trends that will conspire to change the relationship between business and technology over the coming years. If this is the case, solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM could become more widely-used throughout the corporate landscape. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one hosted CRM solution that provides customer insight. It could also help to integrate social media functionality into future interactions. In the future, this platform could also be optimized to run on intelligent devices. If this happens, companies will be able to develop solutions and services that not only appeal to the known customer base, but also prospects. By right-fitting solutions and services, revenues are likely to soar.

Gartner also examined how cloud computing, smartphones, the business impact of social computing and pattern-based strategies are all likely to converge over time. As a result, the key shift is expected to be in drawing greater intelligence from information. If hosted CRM can deliver on this valuable promise, companies throughout the world will be able to take their platforms to a whole new level. 

At the Gartner Symposium in Sydney, Australia, senior vice president of Gartner, Peter Sondergaard referred to information as the oil of the 21st century. It will literally be the resource running the global economy in ways not possible in the past. 

This will take hosted CRM to a whole new level and ensure no company can afford to not make the implementation. In a recent survey, it was determined that Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers significant value as a client service and is almost as important as market performance to investors when rating asset management companies. 

They understand that hosted CRM is a must-have in today’s economy if a company hopes to rise to the top.In this particular survey, 60 percent said their satisfaction was based primarily on the performance of their portfolios, while 40 percent claimed is was service-related factors that were more crucial. In reality, if service-related factors are satisfied, customer satisfaction will soar. To drive both to whole new levels, an organization can rely on the power of hosted CRM.

Originally posted at: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/hosted-crm/articles/118939-hosted-crm-empowers-companies-leverage-new-opportunities.htm

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