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Frost & Sullivan Releases a Survey on Unified Communication and Collaboration Tools

In the company’s survey, titled ‘Investment Decisions in Communications and Collaboration Products and Services among Decision-Makers in Europe’, Frost & Sullivan focused on the C-level executives’ attitudes and strategic thoughts on the unified communication and collaboration (UCC).

This report becomes important as the companies are planning to increase their budget significantly, so they can purchase the communication tools.

A clear picture of a rapidly growing and expanding market can be obtained from the data gathered from the survey respondents, stated the company. Ranging from 36 percent toward telepresence to almost 60 percent for video conferencing, a large share of organizations plan to expand usage of the specific tools, the survey stated.

“The C-level executives are conscious about benefits that communications and collaboration tools can bring and 46 percent of the respondents plan to increase the budget for these tools,” stated Dorota Oviedo, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst, for Unified Communication and Collaboration group and co-author of the survey. “The respondents cited instant messaging (73 percent), telephony presence information (71 percent) and Enterprise Web 2.0 (63 percent) as the most popular tools.”

According to the survey, the majority of companies 65 percent allocate up to 30 percent of total expenditures, to IT and telecommunications. The survey also stated that about 60 percent of companies, spend up to 20 percent of this budget toward new technologies and services. According to the survey, the communications and collaboration market is highly competitive. With a significant share of over 40 percent using at least four providers, most of the organizations use more than one provider.

In its recent research report on key Western Europe mobile groups, Frost & Sullivan illustrated increased data demand as a main reason for increased data revenue stream for big shot mobile network operators in Western Europe. Presenting a strong insight of industry trends in Western Europe, the report clearly says that penetration of the smartphone and other high-end devices has led to an increase in data demand from customers.

Originally posted at: http://unified-communications.tmcnet.com/topics/unified-communications/articles/157625-frost-sullivan-releases-survey-unified-communication-collaboration-tools.htm

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