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With this iPad 2, Please Say ‘I Do’

One lucky lady recently got a little more than she expected when her beau generously gifted her with an iPad 2.

Upon handing over a brand-new tablet to girlfriend Jessica, Jordan C. popped the question by engraving the tablet device with an oh-so-romantic, “Will You Marry Me?” According to 9to5Mac, the proposal went down under the world’s largest trees in California’s National Redwood Forest.

Taken aback by the geek of her life, Jessica joyfully accepted, followed by, “Now, give me my iPad!” Sounds like a match made in geekdom, huh?

Jordan C. isn’t the first to use an Apple product to seal the deal, though he’s the first one to use an iPad. According to Mashable, Path’s Matt Van Horn took to Twitter, Foursquare and Qik to propose to his beloved. Meanwhile, the Old Spice Guy proposed to a woman on behalf of one of his Twitter followers by tweeting to the lucky lady a posted YouTube proposal video.

To take it even further, one Groupon user took daily deals to another level by proposing to his Groupon aficionado girlfriend via a self-made Groupon page. Let’s just say, the bride clicked “Buy,” and they lived happily ever after in Groupon land.

Marriage and technology seem to be crossing paths in more ways than fancy proposals. As reported by TMCnet, the world’s first digital gay wedding occurred last November in Texas, a state that prohibits same-sex marriage. Mark Reed and Dante Walkup, in Dallas, used Skype to connect with marriage official Sheila Alexander-Reid, in D.C., and were officially married via a digital ceremony.

And, if you’re sick on your wedding day and can’t find the strength to walk down the aisle – never fear. A couple recently exchanged vows over Skype when the ill groom found himself in the isolation ward of a hospital 10 miles from the church in which he was supposed to get married. As the groom recovered in bed and watched on a laptop in the hospital ward, the bride stood alone at the altar as she married her beloved.
Originally posted at: http://it.tmcnet.com/topics/it/articles/158894-with-this-ipad-2-please-say-do.htm

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