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Hosted VoIP Allows Small Businesses to Grow

Companies throughout the global marketplace have turned to hosted VoIP as a cost-effective platform to drive communications. However, for those companies that have yet to make the change, the common question is whether or not VoIP is right for their business. A recent Aptela white paper explored this question, offering companies insight into how to find the best fit.

Small business owners especially face specific challenges when selecting the right technologies for their businesses. This group of entrepreneurs are generally a frugal population that are investing every available resource into the business to ensure survival. As competition continues to intensify in every industry, small business owners need to get a leg up and are turning to specific technology platforms to get the job done.

In the past, small businesses relied on the traditional phone network to drive communications. The reality, however, is that this platform was rarely the best fit for the small business. The traditional platform presented higher cost, which put full-blown PBX network implementations out of reach; more complexity; inflexibility in terms of growth and adding new offices; and limited functionality.

To overcome these challenges, many small business owners turned to VoIP. And, to take their savings, flexibility, scalability and applications access to the next level, still others implemented hosted VoIP platforms. By using the Internet to transmit voice data, any business with a quality broadband connection can leverage hosted VoIP to enjoy a feature-rich system without the cost or management hassles that tend to accompany traditional phone services.

There are a number of benefits that can be experienced with a hosted VoIP solution, including full PBX functionality at a much lower costs. Even the small business needs sophisticated communication tools. With hosted VoIP, the business can enjoy business-class phone service at prices that are affordable.

A hosted VoIP solution can also deliver seamless mobility, enabling business owners and employees to access the corporate phone system from anywhere. Plus, the hosted VoIP system will forward calls transparently.

Companies of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a hosted VoIP platform in a unified, multi-site solution. This approach helps to ensure the company can maintain a consistent image and level of service across all offices. With hosted VoIP, the company maintains one corporate phone system that can serve many offices.

Hosted VoIP can also help to provide an environment where employees and business owners can work remotely, or telecommute. Hosted VoIP allows companies to grow without substantial overhead, allowing for more resources to be put into the business and not the cost of running the business.

This platform also delivers easy management, extensive productivity-enhancing features and flexibility, lower calling costs and the elimination of expensive equipment that must be maintained. In all, the hosted VoIP platform delivers significant value to companies of any size, allowing them to streamline communications costs to allow for streamlined focus on growing a successful business.

Originally posted at: http://hosted-voip.tmcnet.com/topics/hosted-voip/articles/159287-hosted-voip-allows-small-businesses-grow.htm

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