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Cloud Telephony Delivers Powerful Benefits to Innovative Businesses

The market today is changing and the ready availability of cloud telephonydemonstrates the power of the technology solutions you can leverage to drive more productivity and profitability in the current economic recovery. It is time to move away from systematic approaches to doing business and change your focus so you can enjoy optimal results.

Today, you can leverage cloud telephony to place an even greater focus on the customer. When you make it a priority to serve your existing customers better, you expand your customer base and introduce them to new products and services. Did you know that loyal customers will pay a 10 percent premium – or more – to companies they trust? Customers are just a click away from moving to the competition and it is your job to make sure they are not tempted to flee.

Flexibility is also an important focus and cloud telephony can provide you with the flexible platform you need to deliver the desired results. This flexibility needs to be integrated into the way you operate your business so you can react quickly to the needs of your client base. Keep in mind that owning a phone system in years past does not justify an intense capital investment upfront, especially when cloud telephony is readily available, affordable and flexible.

Operating costs are an important management focus for the business seeking to optimize what it has in an effort to drive more profitability. Cloud telephony ensures you can focus on those areas that need investment, saving critical cash flow. It doesn’t make sense to continue to invest in maintaining, operating and upgrading a legacy phone system when cloud telephony can provide greater capability at a fraction of the cost.

The features that cloud telephony can deliver include mobile integration with Android or iPhone-based smartphones; unified communications that focus on chat, e-mail integration and other potential linkages to key business applications; multi-branch integration to keep all locations on one number; and so much more. With cloud telephony, you can enjoy speed and simplicity in a platform that reduces overhead and increases customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

The benefits of cloud telephony can extend beyond those offered by traditional systems, and include an enhanced customer service experience for all customers due to improved availability and reachability on this platform.

It also provides increased flexibility for your business as it delivers easier provisioning and nearly unlimited scalability. Changes can be made nearly immediately, capital and operating expenses can be lowered by 40 percent or more, the risk of technology obsolescence is nearly eliminated and there is no longer a need to hire and train technical staff.

Originally posted at: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/cloud-telephony/articles/166778-cloud-telephony-delivers-powerful-benefits-innovative-businesses.htm

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