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It’s now or never: huge Everest Summit Push is on

Huge summit push is on at both sides of Everest. Closest to the top are south side climbers, some of who could stand on the summit right now.

Everest North

“This is it! We are leaving BC tomorrow to push for the summit. If all goes well, we should be standing on top of the world in a week or so,” reported ProjectHimalaya/AdventureNomad Kenneth Koh.

Spanish DOS8000 are at 7,050m planning to go up to Camp II.

Everest South

Adventure Consultants have a dual summit bid underway. Deano and Paul should be on final push from C4 today, aiming to summit by mid morning local time on the 11th. The team plans ‘round the clock’ dispatches as they enter the critical final phase of summit bid.

“At this stage we are aware of very few if any other folks attempting the summit on the 11th,” they write.  A second summit bid is planned for Friday 13th (!).

Peak Freaks official summit push starts tomorrow, topping out on the morning of the 12th if all goes well.

Alpine Ascents are close behind: Rob Hart and Michael Horst hope to summit on May 14th.

IMG are ready for summit push as well, scattered up to  C4. Sumit and his team are en route as well.

Seth Wolpin hopes to be heading for the summit from Camp IV at the South Col all day long on Thursday: “PST or EST – doesn’t matter, I should be moving. Hope to summit around 8pm Thursday the 12th PST. 9am the 13th in Nepal.”

David Tait planned to leave BC this morning for his first oxygen-less Everest summit attempt, with finale 4-5 days from now.

Edurne Pasaban and her boys are acclimatizing in C2 dispatched Pablo Diaz-Munio, Expedition Doctor for the 14 +1 Challenge.

(Ed note: pls check separate story posted today for updates on the other peaks.)

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