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What are Call Center Wallboards?

Call center wallboards are highly visible screens designed to offer constant information about what’s going on in your call center. These displays can be configured to offer information on any of the metrics you may be tracking. Utilizing call center wallboards in your communication operations allows you to express environmental information directly to your agents, keeping them abreast of volume trends and offering insight into the task at hand.

Wallboards are less a specific technology and more a strategy to enhance the function of your call center agents. They are available in any number of styles from the basic LED ticker to fully functional plasma monitors. The display aspects of call center wallboards are secondary to the reporting suite that will be supplying them with information. By incorporating call center wall boards in your reporting strategy, you stand to make your staff more aware of issues as they happen and insure they’re fully prepared to take on any challenges that may erupt in your day to day call center operations.

As with most ventures, having the proper intelligence to confidentially execute a plan is critical to a call center’s operation. The presentation of mission-essential information can help improve the way call centers tackle a problem. With call center wallboards, managers can enhance performance by reviewing KPI’s and acting on the variances from your goals while making the information available for all parties involved.

Choosing which metrics your staff can see will help guide them in their actions throughout the day. Suppose you’re trying to reach certain goal in your call center, the agents need to be alerted as to how close they are to meeting that goal. This goal could be something like number of calls answered or abandonment rate percentage, or even number of call in a queue. If your agents know exactly where they are in their progress then they’ll have a better idea of what needs to be accomplished before they can relax.

Wallboards are instrumental in providing transparency and relevance to the goals you set up for you call center operation. Incorporate them in your strategy to optimize the performance of your staff.

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